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May 27, 2006


just john

We used to have a couple pump organs when I was a kid. Thanks for the links!

If the old Sears catalogs are to be believed, there were folding pump organs to be had, too. If I had some spare cash and the room, I'd be tempted to go find one.


This brings back old memories from playing pump organ in church, back in the 80s in Germany. Maybe that is why Tom Waits' "Swordfishtrombones" immediately appealed to me when I listened to it.

Dale Hazelton

For the Mount Hope listeners, there's a great show on the Vassar station WVKR, "Pipes 'n Pizzazz." 91.3FM Monday 11- 12 noon. It's heavier on the pipe organ sound, a bit more Roll-arena, less gothic than the pump.

Naomi wails on that sucker. I expected more of an asthmatic sounding affair, but it just moved right along,


Sounds good in Swedish folk music, check out the band Triakel (fiddle, pump organ, voice)
over at www.noside.com


thanks for the quality sounds...so glad this post wasn't about the return of weezer...


Reminds me of the Portative Organ - an old medieval instrument. One hand works the keys, while the other pumps the bellows.




Mikkel Eide Eriksen

My parents still have my grandmother's pump organ. I'm completely & utterly in love with it, but where the hell am I going to put it??


I've wanted a pump organ since I was a kid learning to play the piano: I just got one! It works and it's a lot of fun to play it. I love the way hymns sound on it!
Does anyone know if there's any correlation between time signature and rate/manner of pumping? What are the knee levers for? Is there any way to vary the volume other than selecting stops that are softer? I used to steal into the chapel at church camp to play an electrified one - it was the best part of camp!

Chuck Kottke

WOW! So that's what these things sound like before the mice chew holes in the bellows!! I'm inspired - I'm going to fix our old one this winter, just to see it play again!!
I think the knee levers were for sound volume - it was the only way to hear anything out of our oldie!
Happy Music


Wow, no disrespect to Naomi or other posters but that is one terrible recording and I like reed organs. The reed organ is capable of producing much more pleasant sounds. Have two in my home and another being restored. Any other info on Naomi.

Matthew Saito

Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!!!!
I have been looking for ANY recordings from this album for ever!!!!!
It takes me back to my Grandfather's house, hanging out with him in the basement and listening to old records.
"Side Glance of You" was my favorite tune then,and not suprisingly, it still is. This album used to give me the spooks and the chills, but in a good way and I've missed this album so much. I'm glad I can hear this music again.
Finding this website was the best thing that has happened to me all year.
I don't even know what else to say other than that.
Thanks Again!


My mother-in-law has a spectacular pump organ in her front hall, drop dead gorgeous walnut affair with elaborate carving, still playable though untuned since she got arthritic fingers. I just love that instrument.


There's pictures of a portable reed organ from WWII at: http://squeezyboy.blogs.com/squeezytunes/harmoniums_reed_organs/

The knee levers fold in. I think they adjust which reeds sound, but I can't remember (There's another one packed up further down there.)

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