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June 01, 2006


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» Bang ya head! Heute ist Slayer Day from musikdieb.de
Für den 06.06.06, also heute ist ja seit einiger Zeit der National Slayer Day angekündigt. Ein "satanisches" Datum, an dem Slayer zufällig auch 'ne neue Single 'rausbringen. So sollen heute Slayer Songs in voller Lautstärke gehört werden. ... [Read More]



Ahhhh... the memories...


Hm... I wonder where does Apocalyptica fit into?

Pussy Galore

Great Rundown a real cack. On the serious side how about a feature on the top 20 avant metal albums of all time. I need the tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool list but what about Norwegian Black Metal? I think Emperor with I Am The Black Wizards would perfectly match. Don`t you think?




Where's the Slayer?


I just launched www.DemonSpace.com today on 6/6/6. This is going to be a social networking site for Metal fans. If you are interested in being a part of it from the beginning check it out, and fill out the contact form. Early entries will have a better chance of getting the name they want when I open up the membership section of the site because I will be sending out an email to those people first. For example "Slayer.DemonSpace.com" could end up being your own personal DemonSpace page.


At 06:06 I was driving to work on 06/06/06.
I played some demonic sounds to welcome HIM into the world & to put the fear of DOG into all the good boys & girls.
This CD listing would have been the biscuit, but only Sabbath was worthy of that moment.
Excellent research & a mighty listing.


better sissy spacek tracks :



Does anyone knows, is it possible to get more Depth songs?:) or does they have an offical page? I searched for them but didn't find anything


Many thanks for this incredible list!

Linus Wilson

I'm with Lazarus on this one. I really dig the Depth song but I can't find ANYTHING by them...does anybody know album titles or anything that could help me out here?


What no techno porno grind??

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