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June 06, 2006


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Robert Kamper

What, no Luixy Toledo?


Stark Effect

What the hey, I'll add a few to the sacrificial altar:

CORPUSSE - I Hear Satan

Found this on the old mp3.com when it was still free. Not sure if this is supposed to be a goof or not.


Couch Flambeau - Satan's Buddies

Milwaukee's own loveable goofballs-- not as insider-trendy as townsmen The Frogs but a lot more enjoyable for my money.


...and of course:

Stark Effect - Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk



The Devil's been there, right from the start.



I can't help hearing "When the Saints Go Marching In" whenever I hear the melody from "The Number of the Beast"

fatty jubbo

yet another satan hysteric preacher in the 80s- lots of FUN gory details!

Billy Pilgrim

Kindly a gloomy post for a Tuesday.

Andy Krunt

Awesome. A Couch Flambeau Mp3. Great post, as well as great comments.

 Marie Cienfuegos (Harris)

I am Thurston Harris' grand-daughter- Marie Cienfuegos. To hear my music, go to my URL ( http://www.Myspace.com/lavonnamarie
I love grand daddy and may he rest in peace. if u like my music please please add me as a friend on myspace and email me at neverfeltsobeautiful@yahoo.com

The Holy One


Anita Rivas

Most people seem to misunderstand what the number of the beast, 666, means. The best article I have ever seen about this is called: "Nuclear Beasts of Revelation 13", and can be found at

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