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June 01, 2006


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» playlist du O2 avril 2007 from la pointe de l'iceberg (ex N.O.M.A.D)
Une émission musicale… Pour écouter cliquez là . . . _Générique _Tom Recchion – Limelight [site] _Dima, Lina y Sederic - Audio buxhage _Beirut – Mount Wroklai [site] blah blah blah _The knife – Rock classics [site] _Port Said – Countdown to midnight [s... [Read More]



I heard about this compilation-tape a few months and I'm really delighted to hear it!
Yet, I'm writing about a slight historical mistake: Human League didn't emerge from Clock DVA. We could say it's rather the opposite. Adi Newton, Clock DVA's leader played with a band called The Future, whith the... future musicians of Human League.
For the pronunciation of the band's name, I suppose it's would be "Dee-Vee-Ay", but some think "DVA" stands for the russian translation of the number "two". Go figure why... For my part, I never understood the signification of the name.
That's all, Folks.


Wow! Great list! Thanks for sharing that!

I'm an avid Clock DVA collector and i've always thought it was a militairy term denoting timezone offset; Clock deviation?

Ha.. And just bought a synthesizer on eBay. It's a remarkable bright orange though...


Keen eyes will note that the little clock in ClockDVA's logo points to two.

Lawrence J. Patti

Do we have to hear Vincent "Kill a commie for mommy" Gallo again?

Steve PMX

I just picked up a Korg Poly-800 from my buddy last week (http://www.synthmania.com/poly-800.htm) - about to add a Moog Slayer mod, which gives it 2 knobs on the front panel for real-time filter Cutoff + Resonance control. You can find a Poly-800 for $100 and this mod costs like $5 to put together. Check it out: http://synthmod.net/korg/moog_slayer/

This Crumar looks awesome - the Bit One is totally Tron'd out. Very 1984.

Steve PMX

fans of rare/vintage musical toys should check out www.miniorgan.com - its full of killer stuff from all over the world. The 60s/70s/80s stuff is my favorite...

Lawrence J. Patti

Ah yes! The Korg Poly 800 was my first serious synth. Good find there.


Really excellent stuff, I haven't come across it before. And Der Plan are included! I've had an NDW blog going for a week now. So, for more dark synth noir click here

Mister Oxide

I remember seeing (but not hearing) a friend's copy of this 2-tape set back in the day. Thanks for giving those of us without the megabucks to spend on an overpriced ebay copy (assuming that one even exists!) a chance to hear it! Putting obscure, unfindable music on the web for all to hear is definitely a humanitarian act!

Bomis Prendin

Something is out of kilter. "Hell's Little Ransom" by Bomis Prendin isn't what it's supposed to be, and "The Middle Distance" by The Ghostwriters is really "Hell's Little Ransom" by Bomis Prendin.


Take a look at the booklet pages with track listings here:


Another interesting fact: Ignit Van Kasteren had her own radio show in 1983-1984 called Spleen... and what a great show it was!


Thanks Bomis - OK, thanks for the clarification. I've got the tracklist, and everything is (I think!) chronologically accurate - but side 2 of tape 1 apparently had 1 more track than was listed. So obviously one track had a good deal of silence, and this being a cassette, it was left to me to figure out who did what after a certain point. So I'm gonna make some fixes, will update soon, hopefully get it right.


OK, it's all fixed! My apologies - all the tracks on Tape 1, Side 2 were mistitled (but in correct order) due to 2 misperceptions on my part: 1. I couldn't believe Richard Bone (and only Richard Bone) was given a full 10 minutes (!); and 2. That Voice Farm track sounds just like Tom Recchion to my ears. Thanks to Tony Coulter and Jason Elbogen for guidance. And you Bomis.

Flores Campbell

Have you hear about the “ Tijuana Noir” marketing story?

Flores Campbell became widely known when excerpts of his ‘Tijuana Noir” appeared on the Google blogspot ‘Tijuana Noir” in late 2005 and caught the public’s fancy. By January 2006 a few chapters on the Ares search engine brought Flores Campbell a global audience.
Technorati.com top 100 Blogs in the blogsphere, sorted by unique links or most favorites named “Tijuana Noir” one of the biggest blogs in the last six months.

So that’s the question, find out why?

Theo Arango

The narrative voice for the novel “Tijuana Noir” alternates between a conventional third-person narrative and a first-person narrator, Dorotheo Arango, normally called "Theo". He is an private detective working for the catholic church, whose wife left and divorced him after he accidentally ran over and killed their infant daughter.
The novel begins with the first entry in Theo's detective notebook. It is the beginning of the 1990’s, but the novel's events have their origin in the late 1980’s. Theo writes the story in his little moleskin black book. TO BE COUNINUE…


The missing link between New Wave and Darkwave.


Arthur Brown, who appears on " Morning Was Cold" is indeed the same one who recorded "Fire", etc.

ignit van kaye

This was the last project we did, me (Ignit) and Ed, while I was hosting the Spleen radio show. Soon after we split up - after 14 years of heaven and hell. He moved to Hamburg, Germany, and I moved across the ocean to Suriname, South America, where I earn my living as a writer. A befriended artist painted our portraits for the cover of Film Noir. :-)

I literally burnt everything when I moved from europa to south america and i am surprised to find Film Noir on this website.

Ignit van Kaye


here is a complete scan of the box and booklet, made for my own post



hi ignit,

so nice to hear of you on this forum...i already heard from someone in arnhem you and ed vanished from the face of the earth in the early 90ies, probably to suriname indeed. also in a brief correspondance with r.zeilstra he had no contact whatsoever with the two of you anymore.
anyways a bit late to find out perhaps, but nice to have a sign of life and the mystery resolved!


hi ignit,

so nice to hear of you on this forum...i already heard from someone in arnhem you and ed vanished from the face of the earth in the early 90ies, probably to suriname indeed. also in a brief correspondance with r.zeilstra he had no contact whatsoever with the two of you anymore.
anyways a bit late to find out perhaps, but nice to have a sign of life and the mystery resolved!

Ulf Kjell Gür

Watch "Film Noir" by NOWlab...


Arthur "I am the God of hellfire" Brown did also create a complete album with Craig Leon called 'The complete tapes of Atoya'. In the style as the mentioned "Morning was cold"
it also contains a splendid rework of "Not fade away" by the Stones.
Unfortunately no record label has picked up this forgotten gem and put it on cd.

I'm also sorry to hear that Ignit has burned all she did with Spleen, I am trying to get hold of a list with the original artists that where broadcasted between 1983 and 1985 on the program. VPRO radio has only a couple of cards with those lists left...


The Residents album 'Not available' was literally not available in 1974 when they recorded it. That was the joke...
Later on in 1978 the record company decided to put it on the market, by then the Residents didn't mind that the album became available.


@Egbert: Sorry for the late comment, but i think i still have most of the Spleen playlist cards! I'll look into digitizing those..

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