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June 21, 2006


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» Poodle Workout from Mundane Ramblings
Part 2 in my unintentional series of freaky weird videos, this certainly takes a turn for the surreal. What the hell is going on here? It's almost creepy, yet you can't turn away. This explains it, sort of. I saw... [Read More]



Another weird exercise video: "Whatareya". Actually, it's a music video by the Australian group TISM, which deserve a blog posting of their own. I'll have to get right on that.....


I just don't understand the poodles. It's kind of terrifying. How? What? ...


The Japanese are freakin' insane. Not only do they have fucked up cartoons, game shows, and video games, they venture into the realm of undeniably odd exercise videos. They must all be on crack.

Matt Silvey

Obviously, you've never seen Drawn Together, Fear Factor, played Grand Theft Auto - Vice City, or seen any Susan Powter or Richard Simmons execise footage. My friend, we are equally insane... just too tight to admit it.

Steve PMX

We (americans) aren't even close to the level of insane that Japanese game-shows are at. Fear Factor and the rest of our game-shows have been so sanitized and filtered to avoid any possible issues with offending people - and by the time you get past all the celebrity and commercial endorsements, you've got about 22 minutes (per 1 hour show) of something thats mildly gross but nothing insane by a longshot.

American television has lost the opportunity to be completely insane due to fear of multi-million dollar FCC fines and loss of advertising. Same with FM radio.

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