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June 08, 2006


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Dominic "'Who'll Again' enter a contest" Maze

For the hooligan death-watch, I can only speculate that the hooligan death count will be 63 worldwide hooligan perpetrated deaths. Hooligan. By the way, keep up the great work you guys.

Big Queenie

I'm shooting low. Put me down for a death count of 25.


Put me down for 45


12 deaths. Hopefully they are all hooligans, because I am no fan of hooliganism. Though I will take vigilantes if I have to.


The amount of deaths will equal 42 or what is commonly referred to as a "hoogle".


I guess 76, a number of almost divine completness, deaths of hooligan origin.
The original rapscallion, Satan the Devil is busy at work this year.


I think that people here are really underestimating how much the world enjoys the beautiful sport of Football; 150 will be the amount of the dead.

simon kvalheim

I think there will be at least 85 hooligan related deaths around this world cup.........By the way ..Hooligan,Hooligan,Hooligan.


37 is my number. Hooligans, start you angers...

Elliot Harmon

49 Hooligans

elliotharmon at gmail dot.com


Hooligans x Death = 108


I'm all for world peace... Hooligans, Snooligans. Put me down for zero Ken!

Chad Vandemark

There is no doubt in my mind that 196 people will perish in WC related mayhem.

On a side note I also predict 362 world cup related groin kickings.



Hopefully therell be no goal against their own side`s murders.


I'll say 18.

R.I.P. future dead hooligans......


129 hooliganical deaths as a result of hooliganocity.

Metropolitan Police operation against soccer violence

30. i also predict this will be the number of daily searches for "world cup death" done by whomever has the task of keeping track of this.

confusedmuse at sbcglobal dot net


17 people will die as a result of excessive outbursts of hooliganistic behavior.


79 hooligan or hooligan-related deaths including one Richard MacGruder who will, for the first time in his 39 years, completely forget the World Cup is going on. Upon realizing his error his head, a la Scanners, will explode.


23 is my power number, so I say 'ooligans will off 23 souls this cup...by the way, thanks for pointing me to "Life among the Thugs," it was awesome.

A. Keegan

60. I just have a feeling.




marshallstacks at yahoo

M. Hughes

31 Happy Hooligans pushin' up daisies.

mobilesworking at gmail.com


4 Hooligans will never hear gooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal again.


My Number? >>> 32. <<<

I'm optimistic, and also to say that the tickets in Germany are so well regulated in order to prevent 'hooliganism', like one per person (so you can't buy a bunch and then bring all your 10 buddies after your've all gotten hopped up on Jever and corn liquor).

Plus the sex trade in most western European countries is almost regulated, so no deaths from smuggling says I -- if anything the world cup will perhaps inspire a proper sex workers union (start writing your sex worker union anthems now).

Remember, once a match is underway, folks are glued to the screen and won't move.

I say the deaths will be rare and incidental, heart attacks and yes bar brawls here and there (world wide).

Maybe a lone suicide when a team brings shame to ones home country team.

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