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June 09, 2006


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Listener James from Westwood

Men are weird, but women have their moments.


Men have fun. And now women can have as much fun as men have (with peeing standing up); they can write their name in the snow, rinse the sides of the bowl/urinal, etc.

fatty jubbo

plenty of urine soaked hands will be the result of that little game, I'm sure. too much splashback!


It looks like a lot of fun I wish they had some in the urinals near me.

Listener James from Westwood

It actually reminds me of the "OFFICER TOM" urinal spashguards Purple Shirt of Best Show infamy installed at the Metropolitan Pavilion a coupla Record Fairs back.

Listener Stan

Here you go, James:


as drinking belongs to football almost like the ball itself, I consider this urinal very inspired solution for a unavoidable consequence of drinking.


if the question is about the "extra" E in "futebol," well, that's how the word is spelled in Portuguese. It's an ad for ESPN Brasil...


pissing on soccer!!! this is a product i can get behind :)

Janey Yonkers

etb--I think she's referencing the old "extra e is for extra peee" ad.


Those things are great, you can get them from





Paul Saunders

www.uro-goal.com - great site for more pictures !!


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