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July 19, 2006


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» Jan Svankmajer's animation from Boing Boing
In 1992 Czech animator Jan Svankmajer made a surreal movie trilogy called Food. They combined live action with claymation and are exceedingly weird and funny. WFMU's great Beware of the Blog has them available for viewing as QuickTime videos. Part Two,... [Read More]

» La trilogía Alimento de Jan Svankmajer from meneame.net
Si te aguanta el estómago, no puedes perderte esta hilarante trilogía del director de animación checo Jan Svankmajer, realizada en 1992 utilizando actores reales y prótesis. Los tres capítulos pueden ser descargados en formato .MPEG o visualizarse en Y... [Read More]

» Jan Svanmajers Food Trilogy Animation from RabbleTease Weird Wide Web
Jan Svanmajers Food Trilogy Animation WFMUs Beware of the Blog web site has a great post, along with YouTube video clip links, for Jan Svanmajers strange stop motion animation trilogy Food. The trio of surreal films were made in ... [Read More]



Very funny.

E. Inan

Jan Svankmajer frequently uses some animation techniques but i prefer pronouncing him as a surrealist artist instead of a film maker, a puppeteer or animator. His authentic style and film language combines different disciplines and art forms.


Your baby is fine.


Its kind of gross

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