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August 02, 2006


Krys O.

Ain't nothing wrong with Moondog reissues. Keep the great one's music available.


I can't listen to this at work (no sound card or speakers), but this is definitely appointment downloading when I get home.

Listener Katya Oddio

More Moondog listening:

Irwin's fabulous Moondog tribute show with Moondog biographer Robert Scotto
[playlist] [listen in Real Audio]

Ford's Moondog selections recorded by NYC's expert sound guy, Tony Schwartz
- Moondog on the Streets of New York
- VA - New York 19 [1954]
- Music in the Streets [1957]

King Kennytone

I am King Kennytone

Viajero del Mundo

Good morning.

It was in 1968 that a theatre professor at the U of I used either Moondog Suite or Suncat Suite for a sketch we were doing. I remembered the names of the music even more than the melodies. It must have impressed me then to remember the names.

After searching quite some time in various ways, and for literally years, I found an entry that had both "moondog" and "suncat", with the proper vintage.

And so I downloaded it and here we are. Whoever you who found it, thank you very much! Hm. Some sections are familiar, others reminiscent of Ima Sumac and other things comletely new. Maybe 13:06 of Moondog could be the section we used for a human machine sketch. :D



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