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August 29, 2006



Luis vino a Darle un giro importante a nuestra familia en Mexico.
todo comenzo cuando mi hermana alejandra lo contacto por internet y el viajo con su moto bmw hasta indianapolis, donde vivia mi mama en esa epoca. recuerdo que cuando mi hermana me enseño la foto de luis, no se podia negar el parecido fisico que tenia a mi abuelo. me contaron que era un tipo simpatico y con gran tema de conversacion.
tiempo despues, luis decidio viajar a mexico para poder conocer a toda la familia. Al principio no sabiamos exactamente que era lo que buscaba, ganandose la desconfianza de algunos miembros de la familia como mi papa (ALEJANDRO)pero como siempre, luis tenia esa magia de poderse ganar a las personas que al poco tiempo mi papa y el se volvieron excelentes amigos.
Recuerdo una noche que salimos a conocernos, nos la pasamos divertisisimo, yo me sentia muy feliz de tener a alguien de la familia que fuera tan parecido a mi y en quien encontraba un apoyo incondicional y los miles de consejor que me dio, era como un hermano mayor que siempre quise, el me conto su historia y lo triste que fue,me di cuenta que mis probelmas no se acerbana ni tantito a lo que el paso, por lo cual decidi tomar el ejemplo y ser mas fuerte y seguir mis convicciones.El me valoro de una forma que nadie lo hacia y me hizo sentir muy especial.
Luis me dijo que el siempre habia querido tener una familia y que por fin habia encontrado una, la verdad que lo vi muy feliz en su estancia a veracruz, decidio venir a vivir a mexico y buscamos casa en veracruz, pero al final se fue a vivir a progreso en merida. hizo maravillas con la casa que compro, me mandaba las fotos de como iba quedando su casa y estaba muy contento.
Luis me provocaba darle muchisimo amor, y queria que se sintiera en casa, y creo que al final el se sintio en casa.
Yo por siempre agradecere que el apareciera en mi vida y en la de muchos de mi familia pues nos aporto cosas y nos unio mucho mas
mi amor eterno por siempre para el.

primo luis siempre en mi corazon

adele aguirre

I was just thinking about Luis.. I still miss you... Still wish you were in Telchac


The world still misses you Luis. Remembering taking you for dinner on your 24th birthday (18 years ago!!!) and thinking you were such a wide-eyed innocent boy . . . little did I know! You were such a good friend to me in difficult times. Although we had our differences and sometimes stopped talking to each other, I always felt that eventually, we'd be all right. There are times that I try to think of what you would say to me if you were around. Thanks for being there when I needed you whether I was calling you from Istanbul, San Francisco, or just from the East Village. The tattoo I got from your friend in New Orleans is still a part of me - as you will always be. I hope you are at peace.


I just Googled his name last night to see where he was and what he was doing. Wikipedia came up first saying Luis "was an American Independent Director". Was? What do you mean was? As I read on I realized that he was no longer with us in a physical state. The sadness is deep for me. We were friends from Brooklyn, but we hadn't been in touch for a many years, our lives had taken us in different directions to different places. It's hard to find out two and half years later about his death, I wish that we had been more in touch before he died.

We met working on a short film, I think the working title was "Fishtail". I was drawn to him immediately, he was like a magnet. We lived a short walk from each other in Carroll Gardens/ Red Hook. I was going through a lot of personal shit at the time and he was a great person to talk with. He had unbelievable twisted insights. I loved to listen to his stories. We continued to work/ struggle in the film industry while we both were trying to make our own movies. I had the great privilege to art direct his short film "Differently Able". A Completely low budget film with a lot of passion. Luis was the Producer/ Director/ Lead Actor that handled the Craft Service with the same enthusiasm. I had good times hanging out with him. A favorite of mine is when he was so excited to show me the bong that he made out of a water cooler bottle. It's featured in the movie, check it out.

He had an enormous heart. I feel that I have lost a close friend even though we had lost touch. There are so many blurred memories that I wish I could recount with him.

Luis - I miss you. Thanks for being there for me when I needed it. You will not be forgotten.


I just learned of Louis's death. We became friends while in high school in New Orleans. We used to talk on the phone all night long. We continued this ritual after he moved to New York. I visited him there a couple of times and we later lost touch.

I am so terribly sad. My comfort is in knowing that Luis knew how much I cared for him. I am certain of this. My last visit with him (in the 80's) was wild and ridiculous. The stuff that stories are made of. These are my secrets now. I will cherish them.

I love you sweet Luis.

julia l

i knew louis as loo, lowlife, and lu-rid. he dated my good friend eve and we hung out a lot in the 80s. he was good friends w/my BF at the time, sean, and they formed surfin' jesus together. i wish i had photos of him from that time--he was so cute. i had lost touch with him when he went to NYC, but then in the late 90s my friend kelly keller (RIP) sent me a photo booth strip of pix with her and loo together at the lakeside lounge. they'd just realized that they both knew me and shot the strip to send me as a surprise--two of the sweetest and most cool people i knew, and so full of love. i'll scan them and post the pix to the facebook page, new orleans dead friends society, where i learned of his death just today. i wish i'd had a chance to see him, but by the time i visited the lounge he'd moved on again.

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