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September 04, 2006



the m4a file was uploaded by the person who scanned the pictures in - so i'm pretty confident it's real. I've been waiting for someone to liberate it from rapidshare for a while, thanks!


I have a photo on my blog that I took of Paris last Thursday, and the picture you have is not Paris Hilton. That chick is too tall, her arms are too muscular, and her head is too big.

fatty jubbo

aha! that last comment is priceless!

this track is as long and tedious as Paris Hilton's nose and personality! but you know- I have been listening to it for 15 minutes now. Yeesh- I'm really curious what the duped buyer thought. Brillliant prank.

Kevin Croxall

Thats Hot


Paris Hilton, thinks she is too pretty to go to jail. First, ordinary people go to jail everyday over very trivial crimes. There is nothing trivial by breaking probation. Personally, going to jail for 45 days will be a cake walk for Paris. After her time is serve she will be idolized even more for some strange reason. The moral of the hole thing is accountablility. Everyone, in the world without celebrity status has to be accountable. Even some famous celebrities had to encounter jail time and for some it worked and others it did not. However, Ms. Hilton broke the rules and wants to say she is being miss treated. Myself, and others don't even get to hold a public meeting trying to prove our point, we are just forgotten about. Do your time and grow up PARIS!


Think that Paris is getting picked on just because she is a girl celebrity.....if it was oj simpson....well you know....how about michael jackson?......give it a rest mr I wanna be famous judge sourpuss.

miramar lee

whenever i see people talking about paris being so dumb, i get irritated. why? honestly people, paris doesnt care what she does and why the hell do u care??? u keep on blabbing how stupid she is, but u know what, she's got more brains than all of u. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS AND SHE DOESNT CARE WHAT U THINK. NEED I SAY MORE??? MIND UR OWN ASSES PEOPLE


I love this little track.^^ it may be long but it has a very DangerMousy feel to it.


You can listen to the entire track on my site along with the "making of" video.


Awesome..good work mate..I've been looking for this for AGES..finally listening to it now and it's freakin awesome!! A hell of a lot better that people say it is..

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