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September 19, 2006




Doodles is the king.


bifurcated rivets often suprises me with fine mandolin /banjo music. this one was from her , if she types uh , or ah , or odd it is just fine.
and difficult words you use , i had to find a dictionary to find out i am a sexual lustfull kinday weirdo.
well in that case , you are most likely right !


Hemaworstje has this odd idea that over at Bifurcated Rivets I'm a she, but I can assure you that I am a he and always have been.

Dan Willems

Holy-frickin' yeah....thanks Ken

Station Manager Ken

Hemaworstje - When I referred to you as lecherous, I meant it in the best possible sense. "lecherous" sounds better than "nsfw."


Krys O.

Golly, I've gotta own that movie! The Carter Sisters, Connie Smith, Whisperin' Bill and Johnny Cash! Aieeeee. Funny thing is that Doodles Weaver looks like Opry star Stringbean Akeman.

Krys O.

Welp, there's a DVD of "Road to Nashville" and I just bought it on Amazon. Life if good.

Buffalo John

I nominate Donna Stoneman for a place on the guitar face tribute page. Perhaps we need a mandolin section.

Vic Perry

fantastic stuff


The copy I have on video advertises Margie Singleton yet there's no sign of her.What should have been edited out was the stupid Doodles Weaver

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