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September 16, 2006


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hi, ehm i'll do a little ad for a swiss record shop here, you can easily get all their albums, even vinyl, if available, from there. I'm sure they will be happy getting more interest overseas.




So far, I like about 80% of these well enough to download. By the way, I'm sitting here at my puter with its Jim Flora wallpaper, listening to these tracks while I get the dishes put away with my "Miss Laura's Radio Thrift Shop" dishtowel. Until today, even *I* hadn't fully realized what an FMU dork I've become.


fantastic band! got into them a couple of years ago on a recommendation by a russian punk legend egor letov. was planning to see them in canada but unfortunately things got in the way, hopefully they'll return soon.
i have most of their albums in mp3 format, will be happy to share if anybody is interested. just email me at violentgrind@msn.com


'Tu me suis, Marie - Oh yes' its one of my favorites songs from Le Coeur En Beurre - Doublegras. They are amazing, sad they are not coming to México :(



give me a download file

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