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September 13, 2006


blah blah

please don't shut down the message board, maybe use a wiki, need evidence of intelligent life, please, please

I'm not Lisa

"I dont see the sense of having prominent links to an interactive forum if it's been locked. But I will leave it up for a while longer"

thats kind of the disappointing point here. ken lost interest in the board, so it has to come down. anyone googling for information contained on the (locked) board would still have access to it. in turn that would pull in more listeners to the station. thats how viral information works. it seamed quite clear that the station was turning the volume knob down on the board while it was still quite functional. sad to realize thats what you think of the listenership.

Station Manager Ken

"ken lost interest in the board, so it has to come down."

The board didn't come down because I lost interest in it, if you knew what the actual situation was, you would know that I did what I could to keep the board up, despite staff and listener disinterest and hostility towards it. For the last few months, the board had so little activity on it that it had become a shell of its previous self, and that made it embarrassing. I wasn't going to keep a forum up if it was only being used by 3 people, and most days not even that many.



I think a chat would be cool, so long as anybody at the station can ban anyone on the flimsiest pretext. Once the tone's set, you can think about liberalising.

If an open board's unmanageable, then the station'll just have to bite the bullet and make registration too hard for the spammers. That'll put off casual one-off posters, but if it's the only way of policing it, so be it.

Ken no londer a Dude? What happened?

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