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September 11, 2006



what we've been waiting for...thanks!


feed doesn't seem to be workin though....do i need to rub somethin?


hmmm....works in bloglines but not in juice...isn't it supposed to give me mp3s?


Awesome. Much appreciated.

sean808080, the feeds send links to the files, not the files themselves (like a podcast would) so it probably would not work in Juice.

Station Manager Ken

Michelle's right - the playlist feed provides links to the playlists, and the archive feeds provide links to start files for streaming archives, in realaudio and MP3. But these feeds are not the same as our podcast feeds, which provide an actual MP3 file.



Per-show feeds would be the next logical step? I applaud your conformance with open access internet standards.

Kenzo (lastever.org / kenzodb.com)


More feeds (including per-show playlist feeds) are on their way!

- Kenzo

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