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September 22, 2006


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Chris Barrus

Harrison's doodle reminds me of Tortoise's TNT album cover


yea, totally.


I'd love to see the doodle by JFK that is reported to be a box containing:


I just have to see it.

Dale Hazelton

Hardings sketch prefaces Ben Shahns work by a good two decades (ok, without the digitless arm)!


Both Benjamin Harrison ones are actually drawings that result from a cute story you tell with kids. I don't remember the second one, but the first one can be found in a "Little House on the Prairie" book. He probably either did them with his kids or was doodling them while occupying his bored mind with the story that goes along with them. (I've done both.)


It will be interesting to see GW Bush's doodles when they get released some day. Apparently he was quite fond of drawing little pictures on the death warrents of the people he exicuted in Texas. They are locked up (illegally) at his dads library at Texas A&M. The Austin Chronicle did a piece on them a few years ago.


Benjamin Harrison's doodle similar to Korn's banshee doll?

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