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October 01, 2006


H Lydahl

This Beatles tribute is so bad....


Band site



Indie-rock guitar hero and former Soft Boy Kimberley Rew wrote and performed the 1997 Eurovision winner...


Ohww.. I remember that Brotherhood of Man entry vividly! I was nine years at the time. I thought their underware was too tight, by the way they did their dancesteps. I was just puzzled by the way they did it all in tune with eachother.


Who can forget Brotherhood of Man?!? They also did the classic, United We Stand. YouTube it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D9OeJZ9t0M


Don't forget Monty Python's send up of the Eurovision contest:


And thanks for making me part of a WFMU blog post. I feel so special now!!!


Here are the lyrics for "Beatles" by Forbes:

Beatles gav oss sin musik
"Yesterday", vad den var fin
Alla älska' melodin
Yeah yeah yeah...

När skivor kom då gick det larm
Grammofonen den gick varm
Alla föll för Beatles charm
Yeah yeah yeah...

Många gick och nynna' på
"A Hard Day's Night" fast de var små
Farfars far kan ge svar vem de var
Beatles, Beatles

Världen var en stor estrad
Och där stod vi rad i rad
Njöt av varje fin ballad
Yeah yeah yeah...

Beatles gav oss sin musik
Flickor tjöt i vilda skrik
Alla skivor har vi kvar
Vi ska minnas Ringo Starr
Och George och Paul och John

Farfars far, kan ge svar vem de var
Beatles, Beatles

Världen var en stor estrad
Och där stod vi rad i rad
Njöt av varje fin ballad
Yeah yeah yeah...

Beatles gav oss sin musik
Flickor tjöt i vilda skrik
Alla skivor har vi kvar
Vi ska minnas Ringo Starr
Och George och Paul och John

My Swedish sucks pretty bad (maybe someone else can translate), but basically they are gushing about how great the Beatles were, how thankful they are that the Beatles gave them their music. They praise the lovely melodies (like "Yesterday"), say that they bought all Beatles records, and that they will always remember Ringo, George, Paul and John. Pretty embarrassing, if you ask me.


I tried using an on-line translator on the Beatles song, but just got gobbelty-gook. Fortunately, I then found and actual English translation. And there are two rather distinct lyrical oddities: 1) A reference to them being "small" and 2) mentioning Ringo Starr first (and by full name) when listing off the Beatles. Was he the real star in Sweden?

The Beatles gave us their music, 'Yesterday', how nice it was
Everybody loved the melody, yeah yeah yeah...

When their records were released there was a commotion
The gramophone played non-stop
Everybody fell for the charm of the Beatles, yeah yeah yeah...

A lot of people went around humming
'A Hard Day's Night', although they were small
Your great grandfather can tell you who they were
Beatles, Beatles

The world was a big stage, and there we stood in rows
Enjoying every nice ballad, yeah yeah yeah...

The Beatles gave us their music, girls were screaming and shouting
We still have all the records, we shall remember Ringo Starr
And George and Paul and John

And then it just repeats. I guess that's all they really had to say on the subject. But, hey, take heart Swedish Eurovision fans. While Forbes' Beatles didn't really win anyone over back in 1976, the modern version, updated by Snoop translator Gizzogle (thanks, Faltherflot), is actually better. Watch for it in the '07 competition!

The Beatles gizzy us they music, 'Yesterday', how funky ass it was
Everybody loved tha melody, yeah yeah yeah...

When records were releazed there was a commotion
The gramophone played non-stop
Everybody fizzy fo` tha C-H-to-tha-izzarm of tha Beatles, yeah yeah yeah...

A lot of thugz went around humm'n
'A Hard Day's Night', although they wizzy small
Yo bootylicious grandfatha can tizzle you who they were
The Beatles, The Beatles

The world was a big stage, n there we stood in rows
Gang Bangin' every funky ass ballad, yeah yeah yeah...

The Beatles gave us they music, bitchez were scream'n n doggy stylin'
We stizzay hizzle all tha records, we shiznall pusha Ringo Starr
And George n Paul n Jiznohn

H Lydahl

'A Hard Day's Night', although they were small

meaning that even young people was listening and singing along.

2. Not that I can recall...

The Snoop translator version is better, maybe they record a new version if they see this. They are still playing together and you can book them for your Party if you want.( I will probably stay home sick)


Bucks Fizz are a legend in England. Why no mention of one of the greatest Eurovision performers ever, Dana International, the Israeli transsexual who won it in 1998, or Cliff Richard ("Congratulations", a runner up in 1968)or the song that won it in 68, Spain's "La La La La"?

prince megahit

Ringo is mentioned first because it wouldn't rhyme otherwise, I'm pretty sure.

Here's a pretty new and very awesome entry that I saw in the 2000 Eurovision. Ping Pong from Israel.


Read the comments from the uploader too. Apparently they caused an uproar in Israel due to being relatives and friends with 5/7 of the jury.


My all time favorite year was 1987. I was eleven, and for some reason I remember this year better than any other. I am Icelandic, and 1986 was the first year "we" participated, and...what can I say...big hair, even bigger shoulders, and "amazing" songwriting. That's Eurovision for ya.

My favorites:

- Luxembourg: Plastic Bertrand and "Amour Amour"
(Still listen to this song today.)

- Turkey (fantastic!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVLM1fhmLcU
- Belgium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We8LyWi15BU
- Israel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_NEF4YBbU0

- Israel 1986. It's called Yavoh Yom, but I can't find a video...
- Israel 1979 - Halleluja (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGnAVl2L79o)

I'm just realizing now that I like a lot of Israel's entries...


And yeah, Ringo _is_ mentioned first for the sake of the glorious rhyme.


Dana International's winning song can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTEe6Gvethk&mode=related&search=

Scot Hacker

Speaking of Belgium and bad translations... apparently Plastic Bertrand once narrolwy beat the world Scrabble champion at his own game. I'm wondering whether this might explain how Bertrand came to be known as King of the Divan? Or even whether the lyrics to Ca Plane Pour Moi might have been a straight reading from a completed Scrabble board?



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