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October 23, 2006


Dave B.

I have some fond memories of a mushroom induced freak outage back in 82 or 83, where it looked like Jerry was jumping out of the TV at me.

Thanks to YouTube, I can now experience some flashbacks from the comfort of my desk!


Krys O.

Hmm, I met Jerry Carroll when I was a Crazy Eddie employee in NYC during the 80's and I'm skeptical that he'd be spinning house and techno. He used to do fill-ins on WOR. A very laid back dude.

Krys O.

Just called the club and they haven't even opened yet and there's no set schedule for the dj's. The guy answering the phone paused for a sec when I asked about Jerry Carroll by name. It's also not mentioned in the New York Magazine blurb.

Liz B.

Read the last line of the NY Mag blurb:

"...the enlisting of the man who played Crazy Eddie to spin Euro house and techno on Fridays."

Jerry's new gig was also mentioned briefly in this week's Time Out NY.

Krys O.

To reiterate, doesn't have Jerry's name. Dat's all.


Folks should be familar with the Crazy Eddie Tribute page:


Six D Batteries

I wonder who will choose the music for him. Because he'll just be expected to shout "It's insane" every so often.

Bob Matzel

Jerry Carroll is serving 10 years in jail for child molestation. He was caught molesting his girlfriend's kid. I'm not sure how old he is, but I assume he's at least 70 by now.

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