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October 10, 2006


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» frog prog from All Noise Dude Summertime Fun Board and Pickle Bar
track 1 of which is linked here for a few more days those panta rhei mp3's jon linked to, the bartoks are kind of yikes but the completely sequenced stuff is hilarious. [Read More]


fred g sanford

thanks, this is c00L.


A modern lesson is a whippie little track. I also dig torture and Violence grows. It had made my grow too (violently). more cake!

Master Evil

Nice, but Where's Track 21?


i was in Aquarius Records today and saw this great DIY compilation
on Cripped Dick Hot Wax.. same label that released the GRLZ comp last

Various Artists - 7" UP! (singles only, UK 1978-1982)

01. Mark Beer - The man man man

02. Glaxo Babies – This is your life

03. Contact – Constant beat

04. I Jog & The Tracksuits – Redbox

05. Gerry and the Holograms - Gerry and the Holograms

06. Brian Brain – Jive, jive

07. They must be Russians – Don´t try to cure yourself

08. Moondogs – Imposter

09. Thomas Leer – Private plane

10. Cult Figures – Zip Nolan

11. Monochrome Set – Eine Symphonie des Grauens

12. Henry Badowski – Making love with my wife

13. Weekend – Drumbeat for baby



Thanks for making these available...fabulous!


excellent stuff... nice to see Furious Pig on there; they were always my favourite retard yodelling band from the West Country... if only mash-ups had been going then.... them there acapellas woulda been seams of gold...

Bob Trombetta

Great stuff, really exciting to find this. Thanks so much for posting! The whole site, which I have not looked at in a while, is amazing.


I was looking for Galactic Symposiums Money for years.


Anyone else notice the similarity between Gerry & The Holograms and the later released Blue Monday by New Order?


Hi, I missed this, and it's too bad the tracks are up only one week. Why? This assumes that people aren't discovering WFMU every day, like I did just today--and it kills me to have missed these tracks because this is just the kind of music I have been searching out, and I know I won't find it anywhere else. Is there a mirror elsewhere for these tracks? Thank you. J in LA

Hell's Donut House

Henry Badowski! Boy, how I loved his album "Life Is A Grand..."
If anyone knows where I can find mp3s of it, PLEASE email me!


Whew! Great.

richard rye

can i purchase a copy of obey the new wave compliation cd

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