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October 22, 2006



He was THE greatest DJ of all time. I still very much miss him.


I listened to Peelie on the BBC World Service for more than 25 years. He opened my ears more than anyone else I've ever heard. Without his influence, I probably wouldn't be the big fan of WFMU that I am. I was heartbroken when he died. I still am.

Steve PMX

As lame as I feel for admitting this, I did not know that he co-hosted Top of the Pops for a stretch in the 80s. Even lamer - I found out via VH1 Classic's airing of the TOTP special last night. They showed some clips of him on the show, and he looked completely out of place. Really funny, actually. Doing a little research, I see he pulled his fair share of stunts while he was on the show...

(from wiki:)
'John Peel was once given 15 seconds to interview Debbie Harry about her new single. Annoyed by this ridiculous time constraint, he deliberately asked an overlong question so that she would not have time to answer. This was done with the full co-operation of Harry who, apparently, was amused by it.'



I hardly knew him outside of the Peel Sessions series but boy are those some great records by somme great bands. Clearly he had good taste and helped foster some great bands in their formative years. I'm looking forward to the PJ Harvey sessions to be released this Halloween.


I liked home truths, though I admit it took a few listens to 'get'. It was just another side to the same man. In that show he explored everyday people's lives with the same open, wide-ranging and humane curiosity as he did with music.


I have some of his shows available for download from my blog.

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