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November 08, 2006



For the record, Johnny Cash was NOT the writer of "A Boy Named Sue"; Shel Silverstein was. Boy, I sure wish some enterprising blog of a fiercely independent radio station would put together a retrospective of Uncle Shelby's contributions...

(can I look yet?)


But of course! Corrected that little blunder. And maybe you'll get your wish, someday...

Bill Mills

'Tis true that the the brilliant Shel Silverstein wrote "Boy, Named Sue" and should get his appropriate credit here... but perhaps a note that "Don't Take Your Ones To Town" is a rewrite of a song that Johnny Cash did write "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" (which reached #1 in Country Singles and 32 in the Pop Singles charts in 1959) would be equally as appropriate.

It's a double treat to see and hear him perform this wonderfully charming take-off of his own hit from the very begining of his career (having been released on his first album for Columbia Records "The Fabulous Johnny Cash")

Thanks for making it available!

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