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November 07, 2006


Goyim in the AM

The European RDS system, which allows you to set your car radio so that you will always hear local traffic report updates no matter what station you're tuned to or even if you're listening to a cd, gets abused similarly -- ads (usually for the interrupting station itself) before and after (or instead of) the traffic report, too much of the latest pop hit that follows, etc. Although this is a little less insidious than EAS abuse (because the traffic reports aren't being issued by a government body, and you can override the RDS system and go back to your cd if you want to), the excuses remain the same: "human error", they cry, although it's always the same station that make this "error", and the error always has a conceivable benefit to the station.

Goyim in the AM

Same stationS, I meant to type. There are a few of them in every country.

Steve PMX

Dick Mountjoy? What were his parents thinking? Had to google him and make sure it's a real name.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Mountjoy


That does it! I'm buying a banana plantation.


dick mountjoy is the best name ever


Squarepuller: There is a financial writer on thestreet.com named . . . get ready for it . . . Dick Arms. Seeing it above an article never fails to put me into hysterics. It sounds like a rejected, X-rated He-Man action figure concept or perhaps a character in a Flesh Gordon sequel. Would it have been so tough for him to pick "Rick"?

Steve PMX

I actually spent a couple July 4s literally IN the US Capital building. Best friend's father was republican lobbyist and his mother was Dick Army's assistant. Sounds like a nightmare right? wrong! They had a couple kegs and full bar going on in there - and those GOPs love to drink. Not even kidding - it was one of the hardest things to do keeping a straight face as I'm introduced to Mr. Dick Army for the first time. I managed to pull it off.

To make matters more rediculous, another assistant at the Capital happened to be Clarence Thomas' wife. So the two of them were there, and I got to kick it with Clarence and his wifey. And Dick Army.

to make matters worse, my friend and I had gotten completely stoned on our way downtown. awkward?


steve PMX - absolutely hilarious! unlike this story... luckily having been a DJ at WTUL New Orleans i think that when that brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound comes on, even if the message said come over for free silver gold and, i dunno myrrh, most people have tuned out and wouldn't catch it. i hope. oh shit what about the subliminal levels? grrr!

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