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November 30, 2006


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» Gimme a Head With Hair? Hai! from Needcoffee.com
One of the high points of my career in local theatre was playing Claude in a production of Hair. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I don't think I embarrassed myself anymore than I normally did on stage. So it is as a member of a cast of the show th... [Read More]



On my end, at least, all these links are broken. Which is a crying shame, because *I must hear this*.


Actually, "The Flesh Failures" really is the title of that song! Google it if you don't believe me...

Station Manager Ken

Sorry about the busted links. they're all fixed now. Thanks Douglas! Right you are...



This is beautiful. Love it!


Arigato, Station Manager Ken!

(bops to "Good Morning Sunshine")

Henry Lowengard

Hair obscurists can find the English version of "Going Down" and other hippy smut on the "DisinHAIRited" album of stuff cut from the original cast album (and some shows).


You know, this recording is chased by beat collectors because the song Dead End provides the bass for Nas' Halftime. If you listen closely to the Nas song you can hear a hint of the vocals that they weren't able to completely filter out. Thanks for posting.



I love this version, I grin a lot as I hear some known words in the lyrics, that's why I would like to find the whole lyrics so much. Does anyone know where I could find it? I tried with google (maybe not efficient enough) and also with japanese characters, but I found nothing. If anyone had it and sent it to me, or just gave me an advice how to search, I would be rather thankful!

Thank You!


Tell to Mr.Boyd to look for this:


(if he still hasn't it).

Thanks a lot!


Apryl Fool vocalist Tadaki Kosaka was in this production I believe.

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