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December 20, 2006



I have to say that the country teasers set was simply amazing. I played that over and over and over again for months. Bummed that I didn't hear them until after they played a set up here. Unfortunately their studio stuff doesn't come close to capturing how wonderful they are live...

So thanks Brian for the great sets, and great dj'ing in general.


Yer wrong about the teasers - mediocre live band as this session shows (sorry Brian) but brilliant on record (The Rebel's production makes this band).

Brian thanks for turning me onto the Menstruation Sisters, album of the year for me. All hail the Menstruation Sisters!


Sorry Pawl - I agree with nh dave here - the country teasers set was the best set of the year on WFMU and that is saying a lot!

mr brian

The 'final relaxation' is amazing. a friend, chauncey chaumpers, got it for me for my 25th birthday. started to listen to it in my car and started trippin on the possibility that i might not make it to my destination. god bless neil hamburger, keep up the good work BT

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