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December 18, 2006



Ran accross this today. This little drummer is not boring..


Your link is good -

This could be better - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyydSOL8YDs


THANKS DOUG! esp. for crapping on the face of ken burns. that 'jazz' show really sucked. i read a great book -ESSENTIAL GREAT LITERATURE HERE FOLKS- ''Banjo'' by Claude Mckay . written 1919. Black banjo playin guy jumps ship in France. parties down in port. he meets musicians from everywhere [italy, germany, africa, france, phillipines, etc...] who: 1. party the hell down. 2. improvise to a variety of rhythmic/chordal structures. in a ''let's dance, and get FRIKKIN WILD, WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!'' sort of way. blending Latin , African, New Orleans, German accordian etcetera, whoever was in the bar at the time. [sounds like a jazz jam session to me]. sometimes it got tense and chaotic like a musical fight [freejazz?]. i would say that ''jazz'' & ''freejazz'' have been going down in ports around the world, for centuries...... millenia? anyway the book is much deeper than all of that.you can get it cheap. all the great black lit. is um very easy to get and low priced due to lack of interest. so Doug: ....yeah man! Harry MIller and his Great henchmen!great!!!! Globe Unity Orchestra i will note here now as well.


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