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December 05, 2006


The Real Will

I grew up in Pittston and I remember Uncle Ted well. Was just thinking about him and The Land of Hatchy Milatchy, and how there are no more locally produced shows like this anymore.

Brian Turner

Check this out then!


(apologies to people who didn't grow up there and could care less, but you might appreciate Bill O'Reilly's muttonchops when he was 'slumming' as our traffic reporter.)

The Real Will

thanks for the link. the extended piano version of the news theme song actually kicks ass. there's a part at the end that reminds me of Elvis's version of "Memories". Bill O'Reilly looks like a ex-member of the Cryin' Shames in that picture. i used to deliver food from the skyliner truckstop to their offices at the airport, but reilly was gone by then.


Chicago still has Svengoolie.


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