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December 06, 2006


Anthony V

This is a good post, overlooking the MP3 blog world.

Clinton, I love WFMU and wanted to drop you a line but couldn't find the e-mail address. Could you shoot me a quick message, I have a question for ya.

-Anthony @ Hype

TJ Hooker

Thank You for this wonderful Post!!! Hi-lights for me are definitely Soul Sides post of The Three Degrees song 'Collage' (out of this world good) and The Stranglers Live In Toronto 1980... took about two hours to download, but my god was it worth it. You're taking one for the team here and I'm greatful.



Hi Clinton
I wonder if you are the same Clinton who used to work at the Coolidge Corner Theatre?
I realize I'm a little late commenting but I made a blog that is perfectly described by "The focus is on oddities, rarities, vinyl classics (and not-so-classics) and truly unique and informative posts."
Everything on it was 100% unique to the blog. And no it's not just my friends' music.
It's no longer being updated, but every song is up permanently. I wish I knew how to set it up in chronological order, instead of reverse chronological order. Anyway, I figured WFMU might be interested. Thanks for this post. I'll be checking them all out.

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