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December 04, 2006


Tony S

Don't miss this lively Hungarian number:



Man, you totally bring back the memory of that video. I was in the youth hostel in Rome, a young teenager allowed to travel Europe by my parents (what were they thinking?!?) and the video came on. Yeah, she was a hottie. First rock crush? Yeah, that might be true, too. I still see the video playing in my head, and that's saying something...


I agree, we do need more Danish biker songs. But Mariska was Dutch. It's very sad to read she's gone.

Swedish Tommy

"We need more Danish biker songs!" Danish? Shocking Blue came from the Hague – a city in the Netherlands.
(The Netherlands is of course pretty close to Denmark, but there's a country called "Germany" in between...)

Btw, "Send me a postcard" is thee best popsong EVER.


I fixed the Danish gaffe above. I knew that they were Dutch, just let my fingers do the walking when my brain shut off.


By the way, I've been to Holland and I have to say that Amsterdam is overrated. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful city and well worth a visit, but the tourist trade there is so berzerk.

I much prefered Rotterdam, an underrated city with a great art scene and marvelous architecture. And of course a great film festival. My travel report. Someday I want to go back and visit the countryside of the Netherlands as well. All I saw was from the train, and it was stunning.

TJ Hooker

Neon City... Nice. If Scott Williams were to start an Organ Face tribute, he should start here. Really fun song. Thanks!

Chris R.

Shocking Blue was awesome. RIP Ms. Veres!


O yes "Send me a postcard"!! That was here best; totally agree Swedish Tommy! Sadly missed. She was headline news here in the Netherlands.

Jay McGee

I'm with the author here. Lost my heart to Marsiska due to that venus video and her amazing voice. To me, she was up there with Grace Slick & Sonja Christina. Even now,I'm shedding tears as I type.....

Rest peacefully, Marisksa, and thankyou for all the pleasure you bestowed.


The beauty and power of her voice completely grabbed me the first time I heard it, and
haunts me to this day. Venus is such a great song.....

Bill Bug

Thanks to Evan 'Funk' Davies for the tribute on his show of 12/04-12/05, because somehow Mariska's passing got by me completely.

Definitely take 20 minutes out on YouTube and hit the tracks cited above - the Budepestre video is a especially fun and surprising for its musicality.

I thought some of the cuts show a strong Grace Slick influence. I suppose 'Send Me a Postcard' shows a strong Airplane influence in general.

I'd also vote for the videos of 'Navajo Tears', 'Never Marry A Railroad Man', and 'Inkpot' for their architypal early 70's video effects - real pieces of time.

The medley put together for 'I Love Voodoo Music' - in addition to highlighting a really beautiful tune - is full of funky album art, pop art backgrounds, and clips of Mariksa from the last 30 years.

Thank you Mariska Veres and RIP.

The Catfish

Mariska had some solo jazz albums that never got out of Holland - some might show up at the gemm/playland site. There's a good Shocking blue blog at...



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Unfortunately the song of divine Mariska removed from U-Tube. I put some songs to my site & www.drmedia.us

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