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December 24, 2006



Wow....just, wow. I tried to watch it, but ended up just skipping around to see what the various bits were and whenever I thought it couldn't get worse, they would out do themselves. The bits with Nixon were especially awful. What a suck-fest!


Is it me or did Patti Labelle end up in a lot of these all star televised tributes? It's kind of sad.
Anyway, as they say "Don't blame me, I voted for the Dave Clark Five."


Well. That just about ruins Christmas.


After seeing this I long for the subtlety and tastefulness of THE BRADY BUNCH VARIETY HOUR.


Any truth to the rumor that the ROLLING STONE TENTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL was funded by Creem Magazine?


On behalf of the United Kingdom I apologise, deeply, for the songs which allowed this monstrosity to be created. Who are all these people, anyway?

fatty jubbo

this is great...the Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds/Strawberry Fields segment was particularly excellent. I haven't gotten to the Nixon/Kissenger part yet...I'm sure that will plunge it to hell. If only they created such ridiculous fanfare for TV these days!

Kenzo (lastever.org / kenzodb.com)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh........the strawberries!!!!!!! At least at that moment, my stomach started hurting and I felt myself grinning manaically.

The Here Comes the Sun duet is positively wonderful compared to the rest of it.

Ken, I've never noticed you mentioning Mr. Show when talking about Jesus Christ Superstar. See "The Greatest Failure in Broadway History."


Holy christ. Made my night.



Cheezis K. Reist this hurts. It's positively radioactive....I...er...uunng


a Beatles spin-off that pre-dates and way out-shlocks 1978's Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.

Go to IMDb.com and you'll discover that Steve Martin (with Mason "Classical Gas" Williams) cowrote the Rolling Stone Tenth Anniversary special -- he was ALSO Dr. Maxwell Edison in the Sgt. Pepper movie.


What's wrong with you people? I actually liked it. I only got up to the Polythene Pam segment though because the video is freezing up. This was clearly from the era where everyone was on drugs and it was okay to air an anti-establishment civil rioting/Patty Hearst variety dance number. Who cares if it's in the worst possible taste or if Ted Neely's self-righteous song delivery is grating? This was the last dying gasp before we went all Reagan and Kenny G and I salute it.

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