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December 06, 2006


Hell's Donut House

Naturally they wait until just *after* Xmas to release it, so the assassination attempt is still clearly underway. According to Variety, it was in release for four whole weeks "nationwide" (ahem) and grossed a total of $444,093. Don't be surprised if it goes out of print in about a week.

chadly con queso

i was lucky enough to see this in Austin, home of Judge. It is very, very, very good. Should've done Borat bucks in theaters...

Hell's Donut House

BTW I should add that I also was lucky enough to see it, in Atlanta, where even the theater's own employees had never heard of it.


I dunno, Chadly. Releasing Idiocracy in the US would be like releasing Borat in Kazakhstan.

I'm conflicted over this movie. I want to own a copy. But I can't stomach the idea that Fox might make a dime over the sale. Is there some way to buy a copy directly from Judge? Ideas, anyone?


recommended book: 'The trouble with dilbert'. about deflecting unrest through humor, to a state of resigned grinning 'oh well' defeatism. a good read. i don't trust famous political comedians, or those who whore for Fox, or comedy central for that matter, although they can be funny. . whats so funny bout politics? it is easy to orchestrate a 'movie ban' so as to distract unrest with mindless chatter. i don't really care if any more hollywood movies are made or released. they can all rot. you'd be surprised how many good ones get shelved. rent and see 'the thief and the cobbler' with your friends, then look them with confusion, and wonder why you had never heard of it.


While it's true that authoritarian states often relegate political discussion to the funny pages, this is something else. More like Colbert's address to the National Press Club. I think Judge really touches a nerve here. Fox isn't pretending; they're genuinely embarrassed by the movie. As amazing as that seems, coming from the people who brought you "If I did it".


We're getting dumber, just ask any college professor

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