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December 01, 2006


Gabriel Majors

Is it possible to find out who it was exactly that played the velvet ubderground hoax on ebay? I just got some play auctioning off the golden gate bridge on ebay. AP picked it up
as well as a host of other west coast media outlets.

I'd like to have a couple of drinks with my fellow comrad and give ebay another swift kick in the balls.

Please contact me at 646-573-8957 My name is Gabriel.


Pretty brainless move in the first place to put it on ebay, home to countless bootleggers who rip off the hermitlike rock-geek obsessives by selling stuff openly which is available at no cost elsewhere. Ebay is the home of con-men, so how could it be surprising that fake bids would be coming in? Would have been easier to just have begun by offering sale to dealers, collectors, musicians who were established as having a VU interest (and money). And anyone who follows "rules" of a corporation is a fool. Love the music, though.

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