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January 13, 2007



a TWO (!!!) color catalog! no freakin way!

Dave Hightree

If I'm not mistaken DJ Shadow used a sample of this on his PREEMPTIVE STRIKE release.

DJ Shadow (aka Josh Davis)has called his music a homage to "mostly forgotten music" which is obviously something the 365 Crew also does. Service Station Sal is probably rolling in his grave. Thanks for the music.


more likely its on Shadows *private press* album / Strike was just a straightforward singles comp

Listener Kliph

a five inch 78? Never even seen such a thing. I have Jimmy Swaggert's What the Bible Says About Drugs which is a 16 RPM recording - had to buy a completely different record player just to listen to it.

Listener Kliph

Oh wait, I have a colored Popeye 78 that's a five inch - I think I just assumed it was a seven inch.


correct. -Service Station Sal is sampled on **What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)** on DJ Shadow's Preemptive album


After the announcer says "Display 'em big!"
I thought "sal" was going to shoot back, "Mmm I like 'em big!"

mik weber

Actually, it looks as if just a touch over forty years old - BFG introduced tubeless tires in 1957, and it mentions that they've been making them for "seven years", which means 1964...

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