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January 20, 2007


Martin P

This type of sales pitch is still pitched across America to this day in the hope of capturing sales

When the wife and I were in Las Vegas three years ago we got hooked into attending an "exclusive tour" of some new condos just being finished behind the main Vegas strip. Not bad condos - if you had $600,000 lying around

Not only did we get the condo tour (hosted by a guy who was either getting on or off hard drugs), we got a decent Vegas show tickets (Sigfried and Roy before the nasty tiger accident), free dinner at the Plaza Hotel and a free DVD showing how they designed and built the condo complex that we'd just seen.

The "Today We Bought a Home" LP seems like a kissin' cousin to the DVD we got - basically a similar way that salesmen hooked folks into buying a house, except in an older era

thank you

Rumple Stiltskin

Narrator sounds like Casey Casem.


Could you please post side 2 of this record? If it's anything like the music on side one, then I'd love to hear it. Thanks. John

Hell's Donut House

Stephen Sondheim (!?!) must've been behind on his mortgage payments.

Webhanster Henry

The song is reusing tunes from Gypsy - but I don't know if Sondheim really wrote those new lyrics, or simply was included because he wrote the original lyrics.


Is that the same Mason Adams who was Lou Grant's boss on the show of the same name?

Reg B.

Does anyone actually own a copy of Columbia Special Products album #CSS-863 TODAY WE BOUGHT A HOME / TODAY WE FOUND OUR HOME? If so, I would greatly appreciate large label scans of each side of disk, and the stereo numbers that are preceded by letters XSV. Thank you.

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