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January 19, 2007



you reminded me of the surprise of seeing the small girl in the baldies gang [the wanderers] show up out of the blue as the mom in ''Gummo''.


I had such a crush on John Friedrich in The Wanderers (aka Joey). He had such an italian temper, super cute smile, funny flappy ears, beautiful eyes, big mouth/small heart and the hottest ass in town. Just look at him in those jeans, mama mia! I love his character in this movie and his acting was so good. Just to think that was just the beginning of his career. I always wondered what happened to him and if he had continued his acting career, where he would be today. What great films would he have starred in etc. It was such a promising young actor of that time, late 70's...

Awesome movie, they don't make em like that anymore.



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