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January 16, 2007


fatty jubbo

what self-respecting person would wear those?

it's quite nice to hear MES's slushy delivery on prime-time tv...even if it's only for two seconds..but by the amount of times they play that commercial, MES has had some serious prime-time time.


i especially enjoyed the Martin L. King banner at the top of the nike page. slaves used to pick cotton. now they make shiny silver and purple sneakers. i was trying to imagine MLK wearing them. the picture of him makes it look like he kinda IS wearing them. 3 points

Joshua H

Odd, yes, but they're still one pair behind on the Melvins.

hannah Davis

i'm not going to lie - i really, REALLY want a pair of those!

Rick Ele

I actually get pretty excited about hearing a song I like get coopted for a TV commercial, but if I were still a Dirtbombs fan, I'd certainly be pissed at them for letting that Wal-Mart commercial happen. The most incredible moment I can remember that relates to obscure songs serving as a TV commercial soundtrack was a 2001 commercial for Cingular Wireless which used the song "Electric Sailor" by Davis' hometown 60's psych heroes Kak. We housemates argued for days about whether it actually was Kak, and I won the only bet I ever made. Now I must hear MES on that commercial. Guess I do need to watch some TV shows that don't cater strictly to people hard up for dates and in need of vocational training (yep, I'm watching that late-night trash (sorry!)).


I really want those, too, only do they have them in Converse All-Star?

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