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January 16, 2007


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» You're Living All Over Me (at least my feet) from The Contrarian
Get Me. Dinosaur Jr. has embraced the world of sneakerdom with its own branded Nike athletic shoe (thanks again, WFMU).... [Read More]


fatty jubbo

what self-respecting person would wear those?

it's quite nice to hear MES's slushy delivery on prime-time tv...even if it's only for two seconds..but by the amount of times they play that commercial, MES has had some serious prime-time time.


i especially enjoyed the Martin L. King banner at the top of the nike page. slaves used to pick cotton. now they make shiny silver and purple sneakers. i was trying to imagine MLK wearing them. the picture of him makes it look like he kinda IS wearing them. 3 points

Joshua H

Odd, yes, but they're still one pair behind on the Melvins.

hannah Davis

i'm not going to lie - i really, REALLY want a pair of those!

Rick Ele

I actually get pretty excited about hearing a song I like get coopted for a TV commercial, but if I were still a Dirtbombs fan, I'd certainly be pissed at them for letting that Wal-Mart commercial happen. The most incredible moment I can remember that relates to obscure songs serving as a TV commercial soundtrack was a 2001 commercial for Cingular Wireless which used the song "Electric Sailor" by Davis' hometown 60's psych heroes Kak. We housemates argued for days about whether it actually was Kak, and I won the only bet I ever made. Now I must hear MES on that commercial. Guess I do need to watch some TV shows that don't cater strictly to people hard up for dates and in need of vocational training (yep, I'm watching that late-night trash (sorry!)).


I really want those, too, only do they have them in Converse All-Star?

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