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January 25, 2007


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I'm going with Irene.

weeble warble


joe nathan

evan or mita?


Scott, I just read the fine print and I realized that I have won previously, and so I will remove my guess. Sorry about that!



Liz Berg


All fine guesses, but all wrong! One hint: this DJ -is- currently on the air schedule.


There goes my Chris T. vote...

Maria Levitsky?

Mickey Mephistopheles

OK; let's try Ken.

joe nathan

tony coulter?


OK, still no right guesses -- another hint: this DJ's show does not take place during your standard business hours of Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
Huh?! Big hint, huh?!

scott pilutik

I'm going with Gaylord


Glen Jones?

joe nathan

how's 'bout ergo phizmiz?




Or Mita!...


Not yet. Last hint: His shirt is pictured on this post.

dave in Montreal

Dang! Why am I taking time to do this? I'll guess Bryce...

Listener Paul

Frank O'Toole!

Listener Paul

Oh, I'm such a stupid head--on air schedule. Duh.

scott pilutik

I'm going to guess Bob Brainen on the theory that he seems like the least likely person to own that shirt.


A winner!! I'll tell you why you're taking the time to do this, DAVE IN MONTREAL, because you've got good instincts - Bryce it is! Drop me a line at scott at wfmu dot org to make arrangements for the shipment of your prize bumper sticker.

Dave in montreal

If only all my instincts were so good... That shirt design will provide an interesting mental backdrop when listening to Bryce's show.

joe nathan

congratulations, dave!

Ed Word

I would love to have a coffee table book that contains pictures of Bryce in his many wonderfully designed shirts. Any publishers out there contact me, or maybe a children's pop-up book of the same theme.

Miss Princess Wendy

Hey Ed, if you are contacted by any publishers about a pop-up book of Bryce's shirts, let me know. Or better yet, let's make one! Then we can contact the publishers ourselves and make A MILLION DOLLARS on it. Don't tell Bryce. He might want a cut. We'll make up some excuse about why we keep photographing him in all his shirts. "We're from the Synthetic Institute of America."

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