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January 25, 2007


Los Angeles Piano Teachers

I like musical diversity and quality. If you want to eat at McDonald's, more power to you. The more diversity the merrier; doesn't make anyone a better person. If a city block of mom'n'pop ethnic eateries is demolished to put up a row of Burger Kings and McDonald's, I reserve the right to call that "sad. The term "classical music" often refers to the music that mainstream classical stations play. This is a narrow subset of the world of classical music, that I think of as "top 40 classical.


Who listens to radio? Some of us prefer our own collections on CD, or on cassette and other anachronistic forms.

I still listen to vinyl - I even have Scheherazade on 78 - and a whole lot of Big Band music, too. Along with lots of older R&B and Rock.

I suspect that in some circles the Rimsky-Korsakov, would be considered a symbol of intelligence and ancestors with good breeding; the second and third would no doubt be seen as a sign of embracing cultural diversity or our American Heritage or some such silliness; and the latter a definite sign of an ambition to work at a big box store. The reality is that I have them because I enjoy them. I even have a few pieces of country and blue grass lying about which is probably marginally socially acceptable since my grandparents were ranchers, after all, and I'm just embracing the heritage of a great-grandfather who ordered books delivered to his ranch by the railroad car.

There have been occasions where I have considered that musical snootiness is no doubt a compensation for some other failing; perhaps a low GRE score or being an A.B.D.

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