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January 06, 2007



i heard rumor that John Cale , Sterling Morrison, and or Mo Tucker did some work on her recordings. [''ella pas gentile'' sounds like a maybe] ........true?


She's amazing. If you don't already own it, get the 2 CD anthology "The Vogue Years"


The early "Ye Ye" stuff is fun, but just about everything from the 2nd half of disc one and all of disc two is just amazing. The wall-of-sound production, the sophisticated 60's "cafe/garage" sound (rather like the sound Holly Golightly now favors), and most of all, that gorgeous voice. I put it in the CD player with the The Shangrilas greatest hits, Dusty in Memphis, a couple of Holly Golightly albums and I'm in cool chick heaven.

Webster Hubble Telescope

Interesting radio piece on the "most beautiful songbird in the world"

Zach in Philly

Thanks for the goosebumps -- it had been too long.

And now I have the "sophisticated 60's 'cafe/garage' sound" phrase to poetically thrown around.

The kokako doc looks like a must.

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