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January 26, 2007


Shame's Voice

Jerod's Stagger Lee STAGGERS ME! Definitely up there!

Kip W

"Fleur..." is by Charles Trenet, not Trenier. He wrote the song that was translated and became "Beyond the Sea." Don't hold that against him, though. He also wrote "Boum," which figured in a Tintin comic.

This stuff is great for a busy guy on the go like me. Gotta run!


So.... who won the swag? What about the 74 cuts on the cd? What happened? Did I miss something?


I'm not affiliated with john, but I'm with him in sprirt ... "I just wanna know where the gold at."


it's friday the 13th. what a perfect day for Update 13....i'm just sayin''


Any news? It's been blinking ages.

Station Manager Ken

I am really sorry that I haven't put up the final voting post yet. I will do that in the next week, on a separate post.


d. bene tleilax

this was a brilliant project.... having lotsa fun listening to everything


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