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January 16, 2007


Jim Stark

All Hail the King Hannibal!

This was a magic moment that I was fortunate enuf to witness and now captured here fer posterity's sake so all may revel..."Hymn No. 9/11" is R&B Gold, Baby ...Keep whippin' it on 'em with that "Fishin' Pole", Mr. Shaw!


Hey Debbie. I'll be posting a better fidelity version of this show on chunklet.com sometime soon. It was great seeing you there if only for a minute.


nice work, girl! real cool hearing it all over again, especially the city proclamation. How often ya see something like that on the stage of a rock n' roll club? whatta great night!!! glad ya didn't let something as piddly as a safety pin get in the way of recording such a momentous occasion. ;)

debbie daughtry

As promised, better audio from Henry at Chunklet. Thanks, H2O!

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