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February 05, 2007



I remember these!
You wouldn't happen to have the "Taco Song" from Orange somebody or another. I had that and can't find it anywhere.
I miss the old MP3.com. Sniff! :=..(


I always cruised MP3.com when putting together my Christmas CDs to send friends. Nowadays, I find that much of the same clietele has migrated over to Soundclick and it does the job just as well.


cyrus sullivan! i remember him!

i have 5 cdrs full of mp3.com artists i enjoyed enough to keep, all electronic stuff, some of which has passed the freshness test and i'll still listen to it today :>)


Yeeeeaaaah! Cyrus Sullivan, winner of MP3.com's "Worst of The Worst" contest! "Worst of The Worst" was the greatest - an entire section where MP3.com staffers picked their, uh,
"favorites." One year they had a contest where the public could vote, and chubby, eternally good-natured Cyrus was the winner. Where is he know?!

Rumple Stiltskin

So glad I got out of bed this morning...

pea hix

on the subject of internet outsider music, does anyone have any mp3's by a belgian schizophrenic guy named joe burg that used to post massive amounts of spam on usenet advertising his songwriting service? he had a website at joeburg.com, but it's long defunct. his songs were an jumbled, very poorly produced mess, but totally captivating in a shaggs sort of way. you could email him lyrics and he'd set them to music, then post the results on his website. i used to have some of his mp3's but can't seem to locate them now.


Ahh, this takes me back to the good ol mp3.com days. Cyrus, where are you now? Actually, don't answer that. You and Dean Strickland.


very nice. cyrus was a poster child for mp3.com fame. that worstoftheworst.com website was hilarious.


i was a HUGE worst of the worst fan and read/listened to all the volumes. some of my favorites:
The Taco song (I would KILL for this mp3)

"Jesus is Smiling", which was accompanied by the description that made me laugh so hard. something to the tune of "Jesus is most definitely not smiling about this song".

archive.org has some good links to worst of the worst. the descriptions will make you long to hear these classics again. or not.

by Eve Engelbrite

Torture Factor = 8 I have had a flood of requests to add this agonizing hymn of marital bliss. Eve has had success on the WOTW with her smash hit "Jesus is Smiling" This is her follow-up single that is sure to completely obliterate every kind of sexual or romantic feeling from your being for at least three days. Eve includes her husband on this duet. He shines on his vocal part as well as some great drum programming work.


You can still listen to Eve Eve Engelbrite on an archive site at http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2007/02/365_days_36_the.html.

Lots of other funny songs too. Just like the old worstoftheworst.com but sadly, without the comments.


Eve Engelbrite's painful "I'm your woman/man" duet can be heard at:

(Sorry I posted the wrong link in the previous entry)

It's under the Feb 14, 2001 show at 51:18:00.



Taco Taco Taco by Doctor Orange: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVIV0NxEV34

Anyone remember "War iz On" by Thuggin' It? He was another Worst of the Wort favorite.


about a decade ago i downloaded a song from the old mp3.com. don't remember the artist, but the title (and refrain) was "it's a clean clean world". it was a one man band / synth deal. does this scant description ring any bells with anyone? i'd like to hear it again to see if it was as good as i remember it being.

Robert Burke

I am restarting the Worst of the Worst

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