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February 08, 2007



I can sort of picture the execs watching this production. Sitting there in the dark, getting schnockered on way too many Pina Coladas and tapping their Ferragammo's to this peppy tune. This, my friends, is the scary face of capitalism.


How much like Bob Odenkirk does White Suit Guy look?


It would have been a crime if that redheads pearly white skin had become tanned or burned. That's not Jane Fonda is it?


Anyone else remember how Lazlo Toth used to offer his talents as a freelance songwriter to various companies (e.g., "The Feet Beneath My Knees" for Kinney Shoes, set to the tune of "The Wind Beneath My Wings")?

This was before he went on to compose the new national anthems of the Former Soviet Republics using the songs of "Mr. Neil Diamonds," which led to such stirring works as "I Am Moldavia, I Said."

I see he got at least two responses.

Scott Mercer

I thought he looked more like the "Ya Doesn't Has To Call Me Johnson" guy, or did everybody in the 70's look like that?

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