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February 15, 2007



Reminds me of Jandek at the piano...

Station Manager Ken

Equally impressive is this turntablist feline (youtube). Thanks to Doug for the link.



Great concurring post, Ken. Gives "Cat Scratch Fever" a whole new meaning . . .


They say that besides humans only dolphins can understand rhythm and tonality. My cat tried to harmonize with me on one or two occasions. He has yet to keep the beat though.
For the price of the truck rental a person can get a hold of a used piano. It's tempting but I suspect my cat is better suited to selling Herbalife or given his propensity for bopping dice around the apartment either craps or some RPG.

While the cat in the video is able to play for as long as a minute I understand there was an experimental piece about 4 and a half minutes long from back in the 40s that dogs have been able to learn.


Admitedly the music the cat makes is minimal, to say the least (ohhh, horrible pun), but it looks like he/she is enjoying it, turning his head to the piano (and simply the fact that he does it on his own with no encouragement proves something.)

There's a short bit in Slavomir Rawicz's (supposedly true) book "The Long Walk" where he and his fellow gulag escapees hear what sounds like a "bass fiddle" in the middle of the Siberian forest, and trudge to a clearing where a bear is tugging repeatedly at a large sliver sticking up out of a hollow downed tree, producing the "bass" tone they are hearing. Certainly the bear wasn't doing it for food or mating, so he must have been enjoying the sound.

Chris R.

There was a schmaltzy filler local news feature on Nora today (Feb. 20th) on the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia. As it turns out the school and cat are located here, right in Center City. If you search for "NBC 10 Philadelphia" you should be able to find a video link to the story pretty easily.


hey..its such a cute vdo. i really wanna download it. but dont know how..can anybody help me??

Sarah Hardman

nora is cool i wish i had a cat that could do that!

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