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February 05, 2007



There is nothing new about what I am going to say, but I still feel like saying it. I am tired of businesses in America running to the government to pass a law whenever its profits drop, yet spend millions, if not more, to force the same government to deregulate everything in their favor. While I am sure piracy cuts into some profits, I am pretty sure bad business practices cause the greatest amount for music companies.


I am tired of anybody "Blaming media consolidation for bad programming" -- look, media consolidation doesn't dictate taste. And it certainly doesn't close out choices:

In fact, when there is tighter ownership, you'll often see more choices open up -- because the large companies who might own several stations can afford to do niche programming. Whereas if a company owns just a couple stations, they're more likely to stick with proven formats like country and talk. It's thanks to Viacom, News Corp and so on that we have these channel choices.

And then of course we have WFMU and other outlets. They're no threat to you, and you are (unfortunately) no threat to them. There's enough room for everybody here.

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