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March 09, 2007


David Noades

Nice to see a bit of British blues on here. Ram John Holder is probably known to most of us Brits as Porkpie in the long-running comedy series Desmonds and more recently appeared in soaps The Bill and EastEnders. But he had a long career in music, beginning as a folk singer in New York, moving to Britain in 1962 where he worked with Pearl Connor's Negro Theatre Workshop. His LP's "Bootleg Blues" and "Black London Blues" were made into a television documentary by the BBC in 1971. In the 70s he moved into acting but also worked as a producer for Afro-Funk band Matata.


Wow. Black British blues! Got any more??

R.A. Levin

"Mediocre crap"??!! This l.p. is brilliant!
The solos aren't too terribly inept. Just indicative of their time.
Got to start trawling the racks in search of this one!



This is a great record...found this one while dj'ing at my local college station and have been looking for my own copy for years...Black London Blues baybee yeah!



Yeah, it is pretty darn good, isn't it? Like I say, copies of 'Black London Blues' turn up on various websites, but almost always at ridiculous prices, and the bidding is fierce. But now, you have it, courtesy of Otis and the fine folks at WFMU!
BTW, I just found a copy of "Bootleg Blues" on line, for only about $20. Waiting for it to be mailed from the UK, hopefully in one piece. Haven't heard that album yet, but assuming it's as good as its predecessor. If so (with Otis' kind indulgence), onto 365 it goes!
Long live the Ram!

Simon Ritt

I do believe any one who ever purchased this album bought it from a discount bin.
I've owned it for almost 40 years and that's the only copy I've ever set eyes on...and I worked for YEARS in used record stores. (Hey, I'm not proud!)
An enigma, no credits, no liner notes just raw, urban blues oozing outta' the vinyl.
The first contemporary blues record I had ever heard. The songs are crystal clear snap-shots of the Ram's day to day struggles. Probably recorded on a budget but that's why they call it 'The Blues'. And even so Ram John Holders singing is just fantastic and so powerfull. The way his voice 'cracks' in just the right places along with his unusuall British/African accent and perfect diction makes this still one of the most unique blues recordings I've ever heard....glad to see others think so too!

aykay 1962

i bought black london blues at beanos in croydon when i was 15 in 1977.... i was only earning seven quid a week working saturdays so it would have been one or two quid at most. i have never met anyone else who had ever heard of it.....nice to know there are other likeminded souls out there... i love it


I bought this when it came out. I always found there was bound to be a time in ANY party when this was absolutely the LP to put on the turn-table. Everyone loved it - not least because you can really dance AND laught at the same time. The lyrics are so detailed in the times. A few years ago when I got rid of all my vinyl, I let this go for only £5.00 and then lost my tape-cassette of it. So to discover this web-site makes the invention of the internet more worthwhile than i could ever imagine. Thanks!! Alecs


RJHs LP Black London Blues is one of the greatest album of a blues music, thanks you for possibility to download it (MP3)from this blog. I cant find next RJH´s LP Bootleg Blues (1971) anywhere. Do somebody imformation about it (MP3/vinil)? Thanks to everybody for it.


Thanks so much for making this available for download. I remember hearing this at my sister's house in the early 1970's when I was in my early teens. A friend of hers had bought it at a flea market and somehow she had ended up with it. It made an instant impression on me and I recorded it onto cassete. I then somehow tracked down a copy on vinyl in a used record store somewhere in San Francisco. I lost it in a move several years ago and was really thrilled to find it hear. Thanks so much to whoever made this available for download. One more thing, I had another album by Ram titled BOOTLEG BLUES. Is this available for download anywhere?

tommy black

my father had this albom when i was a kid.i havent heard it in years,im on house aresst,bored out of my mindbut this find just made my day,maybe my summer.thanks!

Angel Jodra

Mi amigo Enrique el Gordo tenía una copia.Me la dejó para hacer un disco-forum en el cole.Yo me hice una copia y me la robaron.Cuando vi esta página salté de alegría y lo he vuelto a oir unas 20 veces.Gracias a quien lo ha colgado es impagable el favor que nos has hecho.


I got this LP back in the 1971 and used to play it at parties after we all had a nice high from some good Jamaica smoke. Everyone loved this LP!!! I always loved this LP and the Ram! Many years later ( in 2000) when I made my first trip to England I had my dear friend living in London take me to Brixton to see if I could find folks there who knew the Ram and I unsuccessfully looked for a copy of this LP on the British label. You call this LP " mediocre crap"?! Let me tell you, mother-father ( you know what I'm really calling you) you don't know a damn thing about the blues!!! This is the real deal!!!

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