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March 22, 2007


Alec Soroudi

Actually there are only 78; "Prodigy Popcorn Techno Dance 99 Remix 1" is listed twice.


Спасибо давно искал ))


Hi, fantastic, however.. used to have a tape rec from tv of Elvis Costello (early 80's) live at Rock Palast popping corn in the middle of pump it up. Anyone still has such a tape?

Herr Walter

i see it on german-tv-show - a great version *ploppcorn* by the GlasBlasSing Quintett
for the ears AND for the eyes ... german: twelve points ;-)
direct to wmv-video:

Lets plopp! (*PLOPP* is the sound makes by opening a german beer-bottle :-) sorry for the bad english :-(


Thank you very much! I never seen so lot of Popcorn @ one place.
My favored authors of first 30 already listened versions is Anarchic System (Vocal version), Kraftwerk, Ricky King, DJ bell and James Last.
But, anyway, Gershon Gingsley (both lp and ep) and Hot Butter version are beyond reach classics for all time.


Miguel Ramos (Hammond organ version from Vol. 10 LP (1972):


which one has lyrics?

Tommy Boy

http://www.Newgrounds.com/ has a LOT of popcorn remix's by people in their basements just poppin up some corn. just click the audio portal tab at the top of the screen and look around for a bit. there ssome pretty good music in there too.


This is the single greatest web page ever. Thank you for sharing the Popcorn!

DJ Jarren

There is also a remix by Scottish rave band The Time Frequency (aka TTF). You can find it on their cd album "Dominator" and also on the b-side of their "The Power Zone" cd single (disc 2).


Thank you so much for all these versions! I am an addict to popcorn (it's the first techno song I ever heard) and I am a big collector of this song. I wish I had found this site a whole lot sooner! WFMU totally rocks!


Franck Pourcel , from The World is a Circle [ 1973 ] !

Radikal Records

All this added and it's missing the Crazy Frog mix and the Potatoheadz Remix and Instrumental Dub Mix


Where is the Popcycles version?


This is truly awesome! You've made my day. I'll see if I can dig up the Atari "Chip Music" version of popcorn, and if you're really lucky, the PC Speaker version :D


"Pole Popcorn" is not Pole.

Posted by: slinky | March 23, 2007 at 01:32 PM

Heh.. composer is pole!

it's me (tommi) from finland.. i made this pole - popcorn in year 1997 with cakewalk midi program.

i7 w4s s1mpl3

the hot butter popcorn was the original pop corn is is by far the best and should be pointed out and not just scrambled in


i7 w4s s1mpl3: Actually, no. Gershon Kingley's version is the original.


Here's a vote for mahna mahna. I would love that more than this Popcorn one.
This one is cool, though. Never knew thee were so many versions and always though the hot butter version was first. Ya learn something new every day.


I've loved this song since I was a kid. It was among the recordings for the "tap machine" my parents used in the college music classes they taught in the early 80s. I loved playing on the tap machine and tapping the beat to "Popcorn" and other favorites!


Hello !
I wonder if anybody still have in memory good old modfiles.
I have 8 more versions of Popcorn and if you want them I'll send you (mod,xm,it).


The song listed as 'Kraftwerk Popcorn' is not a version by Kraftwerk. Who is the author of this remix?

http://users.telenet.be/pickadj/Hot Butter - Popcorn (techno mix).mp3 is another techno remix, please upload this song, I will remove it from my server in a couple of days. I'm not sure it has been listed here. It is the best remix in my opinion.



Thank you--I needed this to make a point and cheer up someone's morale! I appreciate it being here.

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