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March 22, 2007


Shalom Septimus

The so-called Kraftwerk version is in fact by the M&H Band, recorded on 12" all the way back in 1987, which arguably makes it the first techno version (unless you want to argue that *all* of them going back to 1969 could be called techno). It's also been miscredited to Jean-Michel Jarre, who did record one version (that's him playing bass on the one labeled "Popcorn Orchestra": you can find that one on his Rarities 2 CD) but not this one.

The "Prodigy" version is actually Essem & Aitch, who as far as I know aren't related to M&H.

Funny, isn't it, how most of the 70's versions sound almost identical, with just a few notes changed here and there to let you know you're not listening to the same track over and over? Stands to reason, they were probably all made using the same kind of synth as the original, and there are only so many ways you can make a MiniMoog sound...

Jamie Dowling

The Japanese Wind Orchestra one is fantastic - I can almost see it being played in the Cantina in Star Wars!


Neat! But it could use a "download all" link.


A friend of mine had a hit in the UK with a Popcorn cover in the late 80's (may even have been 1990) which featured samples from Woodstock. Anyone got this version? I have never been able to track it down.


hi guys, im desprertaly seeking the POPCYLES disco version of popcorn circa 1982 on Neige Records - can somebody pleeeeeeze help me!!???





well, yeah, most of them suck, but that's the point; this track is interesting because of it's date and how later people responded to it. it's pretty simple and unremarkable if it wasn't written in 1969.


and i'm neither a "popcorn" nor a kraftwerk expert, but i'm kind of suspicious about that attribution.

update: i just checked this site which confirms my suspicions: http://kraftwerkfaq.hu/recordings.html#popcorn

not that that is 100% definitive, but...i see no reason to attribute it to kraftwerk, as it's not on any of their major releases.


Awesome. I found this one a few weeks ago, not a cover as such but a worthy addition to the list I think.

Enrique y Ana-
Baile olimpico


Have at it.


One of the best file searchers and download centres is here http://megauploadfiles.com/

Find al the necessary information there!


This is the best thing ever to exist in the universe. Ever.


as many others said on the comments, some of your listing are mislabeled...

"kraftwerk" is really M&H Band - Radio edit
"U96" is really M&H Band - Butter mix (imho the best version of the song)
"prodigy" is really Essem & Aitch - Radio edit

also comment...

aphex twin is related in some way with caustic window, as both appear credited in www-popcorn-song.com

"popcorn orchestra" IS Jean Michel Jarre (in his youth years, way before oxigene and such). in the popcorn-song site appears credited in 1973 (only 1 year after the original hot butter version)

in P2P networks the issue gets even more chaotic, as authors like safriduo appears credited with some version, and the M&H band appears as "vangelis and jarre" o_O also i have a "aphex twin" credited one which is not the caustic window one.

despite of the flaws and controversy, is still a great listing. many thankyou's for sharing all of them with us :)



I am both a fan of Bruce Haack and this Popcorn song. Haack's version only has the same title as all the others. Other than that, there are absolutely no similarites.

Harel Malka

I have another version (techno), recooked by myself at http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Harel-Malka/35067867744.
If you want the mp3 please let me know.

(Cunt Rave) |> http://1000points.ucoz.ru

It's awesome) Thank u so much :D i like it) *****


Yay Popcorn! I enjoyed listening to these, but I'm feeling fussy enough to point a few things. "Synthesized Popcorn" and "Kraftwerk Popcorn" are the same! Dun dun dunnn! Also, if other fusspots are to be believed, it's actually M&H Band's Popcorn Radio Mix. Also also, "Prodigy Popcorn Techno Dance 99 Remix 1" is on the list twice and it's the same as "Essem Popcorn". I believe that leaves us with the still considerable number of 76 Popcornses.


Eyyy... You need GuCci's version from NG! Totally sweeeeeeet!

Wheeeee ^_^

Prodigy is in there twice tho, so it's 78 really ;)


Someone said the one attributed to Aphex Twin is by Caustic Window. Actually, they're the same person. See Wikipedia.

Two people said the U96 version is the M&H Band "Butter Mix", but popcorn-song.com says that U96 is the M&H Band "Remix Version Special DJ". Who's right?

By the way, which M&H Band version is the one in this video?


Aphex Twin Popcorn!!!

Que Grande!! :-)

fox jones

you are freaking amazing! how did you find all these?!

i'm going to be listening to popcorn all day.




Thank you so much for this great collection!!

Mark Caldine

After we recorded that version of "Popcorn" by the Fairfax High School Marimba Band. WE (or I,at least) thought it was really quite a horrible effort and wanted to crawl under the nearest rock I could find. Who woulda thunk that 37 years later someone would show interest in it. At that time there was no internet and cable T.V. was just making its' appearance. Most folks didn't even have a remote control for thier T.V. and a lot of people didn't have color T.V. I had only been playing drums for about three years but somehow managed to sound like the Synth. that "Hot Butter" used to make thier recording. Now, our horrible effort sounds rather interesting and is worlds better than much of the new stuff we are forced to listen to on many Alt. rock radio stations.
I played the drums or timbales on all six tracks. I'm looking for a few great musicians to put together a PoP/Rock/fusion band . I still live in Fairfax so you should be able to find me. M.C.

Joe The Wizard

This is super great, but I'd kill a man for a zip file. Please?


79 versions, remixed: http://musicmachinery.com/2009/05/01/79-versions-of-popcorn-remixed/

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