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March 13, 2007



He played in my friend's basment in nashville. There is still fake poo on the walls.


FAKE feces? C'mon, post-GG, shocking is pointless. And he had catchier tunes.

fatty jubbo

I missed the show in Chicago on Sunday- sort of intentionally...because the last US Holy Virgin tour was one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. If this one didn't meet those brilliant standards- I didn't want my idea of Costes as God-Like Genius to be tarnished. Plus- I am still reeling, what- two, three years later, from the performance. It's sorta like watching Emir Kusturica's Underground...so goddamn mindblowing that I need a ten year lapse to watch it again.

but the coverage is unfortunate in that it brands it with all the cliches of 'performance art' ...although reading 'spewing potato chips on the crowd' in print is kinda funny.


i saw costes in tallahassee, fl. the show was held in the shed maintained by a student art collective. people can say what they want about shock performance art, but "little birds shit" is a great show.

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