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March 05, 2007



nate made a website including some photos & where to send donations.




Here is an update by Nate, with some information on the problems he is having with PayPal:

Subject: THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
From: "Peter Young"
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 19:58:02 -0500
To: peter.b.young@gmail.com

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much from the bottom of my (black) heart. I cannot express to you all how much your thoughtful donations mean to my family and myself. My brother is an artist and a recluse. Pete had very few friends until now. He spent his time with my father building barns and at home painting with his dog Little John (who perished in the fire). I am hoping that when he recovers enough to view these emails he will realize that he was never alone in this battle. I want each and everyone of you to meet him someday. As of now we are looking at a year long hospital stay minimum. Pete's movement will be limited even after he is released from the hospital as his skin grafts will still be fragile. I don't know if he will be building barns anytime in the next 2-3 years. All of his recent paintings were destroyed in the fire. I am hoping with encouragement from all of you he will take steps to becoming a full time artist. Good things will come from this disaster.

On a side note-

Paypal has put a hold on this relief account. Donations can still come in but they can't be touched. They said they want a trust-fund or a bank account set up in his name. They want proof that donations will be used on Pete and this was not a internet scam. I completely understand this concern from them. I went to my bank today and attempted to set up a trust or joint account in his name but I can't do this without his signature. Pete will not be able to sign anything for the next couple months so basically this can't happen anytime soon.

I am disputing Paypal's distrust in this benefit. Paypal needs to understand that I am going to use this money to help my family. They seem to think it all needs to be in Pete's name because in their view the money is going directly to him. I never stated that donations are going directly to Pete, I said "I a m asking for donations to help my family with some of the medical bills and the rebuilding of his apartment." This is a key sentence. I believe that Paypal has no right to freeze my account because I never stated any fraudulent information (they even have my own bank info and social security #). My family and I are the ones who will be paying the hospital bills and rebuilding his life in the months to come.

If after reading this you would like to send a complaint to PayPal this is the case # PP-258-506-821 and here is an email address appeals@paypal.com. Please let them know you understand that "I am asking for donations to help my family with some of the medical bills and the rebuilding of his apartment." Give PayPal an earful, they actually hung up on me today.

Thanks again,

Keep the donations coming!
Donations via Paypal to:

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