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March 22, 2007




I think I need to go watch that movie again. Something tells me the director's audio commentary during Tomlin's scenes is gonna come off in a whooooole diff'rent light.

Art Rush

What a fuckwit. And I liked that movie too.


I always hated that movie. Now I feel better about it.


I like how the camera moves back a little to the left after David bursts through the door, making sure he and Lily are on camera during the tyrade.

Holland Oats

brutal. much better than that piece o' shite movie.


Sweeeeeeeet. That's how it really is on a movie set or a theater production. At least every one that I've been involved with. Beautiful!


Why is this on WFMU of all places? It seems odd that you posted this.

David T.

"Why is this on WFMU of all places? It seems odd that you posted this."

Uh, maybe because it's interesting?


It's because we are a Blog that covers all areas of cultural interest. Besides, I thought Russell & Tomlin's on-set rants tied in well with this Bill Hicks post.


this is part two (trapped in a car with lily, dustin, naomi and mark mark):


Holland Oats

>"Why is this on WFMU of all places? It seems odd that you posted this."

>Uh, maybe because it's interesting?

...and 'sides, that rushmore dude's in a band, sorta, right?


Best scene associated with this movie. I could have done with 90 more minutes of this sort of thing.


In the Saturday Night Live oral history LIVE FROM NEW YORK, SNL writer Margaret Oberman recalled that Lily Tomlin was terribly condescending the week she hosted in the '80s: "It was like, you know, 'You should really write about something you know about, or something from real life.' It was one of those kinds of things. It was like, Oh my God! And she seemed so oblivious to the fact that she was being so insulting."


"It was like, you know. . . . I was like, Oh my God!"

You sure that wasn't SNL writer Andy Breckman?

Don't get killed, indeed!


imagine if someone videotaped your worst day at work and put it on the web for all to see? not cool. actors have to go into work and put themselves in terribly vulnerable positions every day. but i guess most people are "haters" and they get off on feeling superior.

little jammy thing

Lily Tomlin responds (sort of).


I have an idea. Let's all employ the show business vernacular in conversation and behave as if projecting a successful showbiz image is the apex of human achievement.


This is a amusing. Who wants only the brandished Academy Award/Movie image of Hollywood? Thanks for that link above, where Tomlin, rightly, puts these circulating clips into context/perspective.

Bill W

I think telling SNL writers how to be funny in most years since 1979 is extremely defensible. (especially the "real life" part, since most of the show's comedy for eons has been lame showbiz parodies)

Well, it's too bad film directors are assholes, unlike so many of the saintly musicians we all worship.

The Contrarian

It's a tad ironic that this article appeared in today's Star-Ledger which specifically mentions the only two "nice people" in Hollywood (thankfully, one of them is from New Jersey).


OH YEAH … en terecht

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